let's redefine the experience
of students & Teachers

Simplify classroom experiences with Caprics Learning 
Management System.

Our platform is designed to manage and support efficient learning
and complete teaching solutions for Schools and Teachers.

We are 21st Century Teachers!

  • We are facilitators and not information providers.
  • We use the multi-sensory approach in teaching.
  • Our teaching relies on a material approach rather than textbooks. 
  • We teach using different methods rather than engaging students in memorization and recitation.
  • We encourage students to work with collaboration and motivates them to be an team player.

How does the CAPRICS EducateMe program benefit schools?

As schools and institutions expand, so does the scope of their teachers and training staff. Schools hone in-house capabilities to remain competitive, accomplish business objectives, and strengthen their brand.
If schools use traditional training methods, providing continuous performance assistance becomes difficult. The Caprics learning management system (LMS) can assist Educational institutions in achieving this goal.

How does the CAPRICS EducateMe
program benefit teachers?

1. More Individualized Learning Environment

2. Makes Courses More Accessible For Everyone

3. Keeps track of learning initiatives

4. Increases the teaching confidence 

Let’s transform the class

Simplify classroom experiences with Caprics Learning Management System.

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